Website Redesign for Chambers & Perkins

Chambers and Perkins are happy to share that we now have a redesigned website. The new avatar of our ecommerce store is modern, mobile friendly and easy to use. Shopping from our awesome range of cleaning products is now easier than ever.

Why a new website?

So we could offer an enhanced and seamless experience for our customers. The fabulous customer service you’ve come to associate with us pushes us to come up with ways of improving the experience for you.

And the result is a completely redesigned online store that makes your experience not just better, but makes your shopping a breeze.


What’s new?

Everything is new. The design, the experience, the checkout process – everything has been transformed to make your shopping easy, quick and intuitive.

We have worked from the ground up on the new design.

We started by identifying the issues in our old website and the features that were missing. We then researched websites of other ecommerce companies, not only in our industry but across several industries.

We then searched for an ecommerce website design company that would do justice to our requirements. And in came Blue Whale Media, who delivered a website that more than exceeds our expectations.

As mentioned earlier, we went through all this to make sure our customers receive the best experience when shopping for cleaning and hygiene products.

What has changed?

Everything to do with your shopping experience has been enhanced. Other than that, everything else remains the same. The same awesome range of high quality hygiene equipment! The same high class customer service! The same professional UK wide delivery!

What’s special?

The most special aspect of the new website is that you can now shop from your smartphone. Yes, you read that right. The new website is mobile friendly, making it adapt to the size of the device it’s accessed on.

Shopping for cleaning supplies was never this easy. All you need is your mobile device, and you’re all set. Browse, add products and place your order, and we take care of the rest.

So what’s the wait? Explore our brand new website and check out for yourself. Get started here.